Dutchman Setup Instructions

The Shadetree may be used on boats with the Dutchman reefing system. In some cases the lines retract. For those that do not, the following procedure can be used.
1: Determine position of Shadetree for your boat.
2: Mark the edge of the cover in line with the Dutchman monofilament line.
3: Place the fabric on a flat surface and draw a line on the cover from the mark you made at the edge to the center point of the fabric. This represents the opening to be cut in the Shadetree to accommodate the Dutchman lines.
4: Cut on the line to the center of the Shadetree. At the terminating point of this cut draw a 3/4" diameter circle and cut it out. This is the point where the Dutchman line passes through the cover.
5: Using the 8" fabric strip and Velcro provided, create a closure identical to the "tail split" at the aft end of the Shadetree. Re-enforce the circular opening through which the Dutchman line passes with leather or vinyl.
6: Open Velcro flaps and pass Dutchman lines through. Close flaps with Velcro shut.
7: Erect Shadetree as per instructions.








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