Shadetree Boat Awning Systems Specifications

Materials and Construction
PU coated 9oz Dacron® treated for UV infiltration and heat
reflection. 5yr exposure warranty.
Marine grade side release buckle attachment throughout,
making replacement parts modular. All seams are double lock
stitched. Hems are reinforced with internal webbing. 5/16 cord
sewn in all hems to accommodate fast cinch clips and
bungee snubbers.
Carbon/Fiberglass tubing, sections unified with bungee cord
and joined with aluminum fittings.
Web reinforced Velcro closure with rain flap cover allowing rigging to pass through canopy, 36" long on aft awing for topping lift. Forward awning pass through splits will be quoted based on the needs of the customer.
The support wand in the Shadetree Fabric Shelters are
multi-section, flexible, carbon/fiberglass tubing. When a set
of wands is flexed, they create an arched structural member.
By capturing the wand set in a webbing tunnel on the underside
of the canopy, a structure is created similar to a domed tent.
A series of these supports creates the Shadetree's functional
tunnel shape.
The flexibility of the support and attachment system allow the
canopy shape to deform to accommodate wind load. Wands flex,
wand straps attachments at the lifeline swing, and bungee
snubbers pull out retard motion, allowing the awning to move
dynamically with wind conditions. The awnings shape can deform
to dump windload and reform when wind abates. The Shadetree
shape also provides exceptional headroom due to the arch of the
support system.
To flex the support wand set and create the Shadetree
arched shape, the ends of the wands must be held to the
lifelines. A strap with a pocket sewn in it leads from the
canopy edge to the lifeline. The support wand is arched and
inserted into the pocket strap as shown. The wand then
stands on the lifeline, creating the tunnel shape of the
canopy. Webbing Straps are attached at the top of the
Shadetree to pull the canopy out fore and aft. Eight
additional attachments are available at any point
along the awnings hem through the use of our fast cinch
clips and bungee snubbers (included).

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