Boat Awning Measuring Instructions - Forward of the Mast

1: At a point approximately 18 inches above the boom, measure from 2 inches in front of the mast to the point you wish the awning to end forward. (Hint, leave appropriate deck space for utilizing windlass and ground tackle) If there are shrouds forward of the mast, measure in front of the shrouds to your desired length. Please also note if there are staysail stays, or baby stays present and their distance from the mast. An optional pass through split will be provided to accommodate such rigging. Based on the distance from which ever end of the awning is most appropriate, a pass through split will be created.
2: Once you have your rear edge and front edge of the awing determined from step 1, you now measure for width. At the mast edge of the awning, measure from port lifeline to starboard lifeline. At the point forward where you wish the awning to end, take the lifeline to lifeline measurement. Place the dimensions on the Shadetree Awning Fit diagram on the website and email to us for review. Or phone in dimensions toll free at 1-888-684-3743
Example Printable Diagram  
Using these dimensions, we will determine the proper canopy and wand frame size for your needs. In the event that the dimensions required do not conform to a standard Shadetree model, we will design a custom design to fit.

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