Boat Awning Setup Instructions


Thank you for purchasing the Shadetree Boat Awning System, with proper care and maintenance it will provide great service for many years to come. Please keep in mind the salt water environment is harsh and any steps you can take to minimize salt exposure will increase the life of your product. Rinse and dry the awning thoroughly before storage when possible. Take extra caution not to package damp, as mildew can do great harm to marine grade fabrics. Again, our thanks for selecting a Shadetree for your boat. ENJOY!!

1: Remove the Shadetree fabric from storage bag, separate wands and place in a secure location as wands DO NOT FLOAT!!
2: With Shadetree label facing out, spread fabric over boom of boat. With center webbing straps fore and aft and tail split to stern.
3: Fasten center strap around mast using quick clips, fasten stern center strap around backstay or similar central structure.
4: Determine desired position of awning over boat, adjust fore and aft center strap accordingly. Minimal tension applied at this time.
5: Take one set of Shadetree support wands and connect first two sections, making sure to place wands fully into ferrules. Beginning with forward wand sleeve, feed into sleeve joining sections as you go. Continue inserting until approximately the same amount of wand protrudes from each side of wand sleeve. Repeat until all the wands have been inserted.
6: Extend wand pocket strap to full length by easing buckles at edge of awning. Insert and into wand guide located on wand pocket strap. Place wand tip outboard of lifeline with wand pocket strap inboard lifeline. Place wand end securely into wand pocket strap below lifeline. Cinch wand pocket strap to stabilize wand tip in pocket. Repeat wand insertion into wand pocket on the opposite side of the cover. Insert all other wands into straps at lifeline as described above.
7: Follow steps five and six for aft wand taking care to reinsert wand into wand sleeve at the tail split. Tail split may be utilized to extend Shadetree awning beyond obstructions such as topping lift.
8: Spread wand pockets equally along lifeline. Adjust fore and aft center straps to create tautness at awning apex. Attach four bungee cord snubbers to the forward edge of canopy fabric and four to the aft edge using the "Fast Cinch" fabric clamps provided. Position clamps along edges for tying off to stanchions, shrouds or other appropriate structures to create increased canopy tautness.
It is important that tension be applied on wand end to prevent separation of wand sections while in wand sleeve. Use buckles at awning edge to create tension between pocket and wand.


To take down your Shadetree, reverse the order of the above mentioned steps, making sure to PUSH the wands out of the wand sleeves (DO NOT PULL ON WANDS!!!!!) to prevent damaging support wands. Package and store dry in drawstring bag.


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